Feb 26, 2012

Week 7 - Reflections

Well this week was somewhat easygoing and relaxing, but I see that this was maybe intentional because all the extra time we had from reading and posting related strictly to this week should be spent doing our final project drafts which are due by Wednesday Feb-29.

 Both this week's discussion and task were related to the use of the one computer inside the classroom. (At least I have opted for this discussion thread instead of "Learner Autonomy, simply because the use of one computer in class is closer to my heart, so to say)
I have exploited one of the lessons from the week 5 since it was a typical one computer lesson and I have posted it, with certain revisions both at the discussion and the task conferencing topic of this week, so that is where I invite you to go and to check it out, since I believe it is a good lesson and widely applicable when it comes to proficiency levels and I have tried it recently in several of my classes and the response is great and what is even more important, the acquisition of new vocabulary is outstanding.

This week also saw us group for a peer review of our final project drafts and I am happy to say that I have a very cool group with Rade Petricevic and Fernando Beconi (three of us characterized above) :-) and I hope that we will contribute to each other in the formation and creation of great final project papers.

So this week is typical for seeing us finally apply and connect all the "bits and pieces" that we have learned in this course, first into a final project draft for the peer review and eventually into the final version of the final project, so to say. I hope that we will know how to grasp all the knowledge gained at the course and pour it onto a decent final project paper.

Week 8, wish us luck, here we come!

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  1. Hi

    I agree that this week was quite relaxing and easy because mainly to focus on our first draft.

    I have learned different things such as using one-computer and learner autonomy which are useful especially for teachers with limited resources and facilities.

    I wish you all the best with your partners and your first draft.