Feb 19, 2012

Week 6 - Application

This week I have slowly introduced the changes I plan to make, technology-wise, into the class of medical technicians, as described in my post from Week 5 under the conferencing topic Week 5: Project Task: Describe a technology-related change. So far I have only done the introduction and I have handed the texts to students which are divided in groups. So there is not much to report about at this early phase, but I have explained them the rules and what will they do and the interest seems high at the moment, so I have given them time to examine the texts, find unknown words and come prepared for the final in-class "showdown" which will happen this week, so I will report on this topic more after the completion of the "game".
Further information will be posted on this same blog topic.

Stay tuned! 

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  1. Hello Davor,

    You project also sounds great. I hope that your students will benefit a lot, especially the ones with lower skills and those who are shy during regular classes.

    Wishing you everything the best.