Feb 5, 2012

Week 4 - Reflections

This week, like all weeks before, had offered its share of useful knowledge from which we will benefit.

First we were "digging" for useful web-sites  that would work for us in our class and I have indeed found a web-nugget called PIZZAZ and it can be found at http://pages.uoregon.edu/leslieob/pizzaz.html although the other sites will do their share of work too and they will definitely find their way into the classroom.
With the web-sites we have found we can now develop our students' skills far more easily and also in an interesting and fun way.

Second, we have learned how to make technology-enhanced lesson plans.
This knowledge will also bear its fruit, because our lessons will be more organised and goals and objectives will be set from the start and students will be familiarized with them. All this will definitely lead to higher level of language and vocabulary acquisition. 

And last but certainly not the least of this week's assignments was to locate issues in our class, define them and try to find a way to address and resolve the same.
I have noticed that a number of my colleagues from the course have stated motivation to be one of the issues in their classroom, and so did I. Hopefully once we incorporate all of the knowledge gained in this course that won't be the case any more.

Week 4 is "setting" and Week 5 is "rising" slowly bringing us precious new knowledge.

Frankly I am looking forward!

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  1. Hello Davor,
    I couldn't post a comment because I didn't have the Internet connection because of the snow. Your blog looks so wonderful.I have to say that this week was so great one. We picked up many rewarding things and all web pages are very useful for us and our students, too. I really like enhanced lesson plan which is very fantastic because very objective is clear and defined.

    Best regards,