Feb 19, 2012

Week 6 - Reflections

This week the main word was INTERACTIVE, so we learned lots of interesting methods of creating interesting lectures and making them interactive, student-involved and oriented.

We could all learn what a great interactive solution Blackboard is, what possibilities does it offer, testing, grading, following your students' progress, and all this done with such speed and ease. I would definitely like to work with Blackboard one day.

I have also discovered Quandary and what great tool it can be and how versatile its application can be made, whether we use it in its original form, or afterwards as a source for speaking and writing skill exercises.

We have also learned how Power Point can be used to make various interactive games and exercises and I have made a Jeopardy game for a class of medical technicians about human body systems. You can check it out at our class wiki.

So it has been an interactive week, I might say, and I sure liked it and I bet my students will like what I bring into the classroom too, based on this week's course curriculum.

Come on Week 7!

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  1. Hi Davor,

    Week 6 was so great. We learned many rewarding things which can facilitate our teaching in large *interactive* classes. I have to say that I prefer all tools because they can all be applied. I really like On-line Assessment with Blackboard because we interact with the students and we track their progress at the same time.
    On the other hand, I also like PowerPoint. Our teaching and learning environment can be so interactive especially when students make the presentations and they demonstrate it to the class. So, all students take part in discussions.

    Best regards