Mar 4, 2012

Week 8 - Reflections

I will be very brief in my reflections on this week for a sole reason of me being sick, which is also the reason why my posts were so poor in content and in depth, so I beg you for understanding and I apologize for not contributing to the discussions as usually but a virus of some sort chained me to bed for four good days and I am even doing this with utmost difficulties. 

So, the leading role of this week was given to PEER REVIEW of our project drafts and writing the drafts in time in the first place, which we all did, I hope.

Second we learned about ANVILL at and what a great tool it presents and what capabilities it has to offer.

We also had to make an online exercise, which I did using a cool site 

So that would briefly be my inadequate summary of the week 8, for which I apologize once more, but my health condition is preventing me to make a better one.


  1. Hello Davor,
    Hope you get better soon. I'm sure that weren't at your highest this week due to your illness, but whenever you feel better you are going to give your best as always.
    Get better soon.

  2. Hi Davor,

    I am sorry to hear about your health.
    I hope you get well soon.

    Best wishes,
    Zun Phyu

  3. Hello Davor,
    this week was busy but interesting for me. The topic of online tools was great experience to apply our knowledge of the course. Move ahead to achieve the goals of the course. Creating an online course site or an exercise to use online or offline. I was enthusiasm about this. I stated creating online class for my grade 11 students (English for Me ) .