Mar 16, 2012

Week 10 - Reflections

Well it is the last week of the course and I can only say that it has been overwhelming regarding the knowledge acquired.

In this last week we took the LoTi survey and I have to say again, as I have in my Nicenet post regarding this task, that the results were not surprising for me, as they represent the exact situation as I expected it to. My biggest fight for overcoming the present situation and applying the LoTi instructions would be to try and have a language classroom equipped with computers so that I can fully implement everything I learned at this course.

We also had to give our own advice to future participants and here is what I wrote on Nicenet and what are my advice:

1) Read all of the Readings links at the course site and a couple of additional links too if you have any doubts

2) Read all posts made by colleagues from the course because it will help you form your opinion and enrich your post
3) Make your posts on time, do not leave everything for the last minute because I have done so a couple of times and it is exhausting when you need to do everything in a short period of time
4) And last but not the least, never give up, because there may be times when you find a certain discussion or a task to be not so interesting but then "right around the corner" you find out about invaluable tips, tricks and tools and you enrich your in-class experience in a way you never imagined.

And I will use this media as well to thank our core instructor Janine one more time. And I am not being falsely grateful when I send my biggest gratitude to Janine, our core instructor. Janine thank you, it has been a privilege to work under your guidance and I wish you many more successful courses which will enlighten you and your students with new skills and knowledge.


  1. Hello Davor,

    Your reflection looks great. I have to say that I don't believe we reached the end of this virtual journey. It was amazing and this experience will not be ever forgotten. It was great to work with you.

    Everything the best in your future life and career.


  2. Hi Davor ,,
    I always admitted your blog and the way you reflect on weekly.
    Hope you all the best in the last week dear >
    This is my facebook page: . Hope we can communicate


  3. Hi Davor, I agree with Rade that our journey has reached a port but not the finally destination. It's a life-long journey. Now we have to keep learning and sharing and most importantly use our skills in our classes. Take care. Nando PS: join our group on Facebook, add me "Nando Beconi Delfino" and I'll add you in the group.