Mar 11, 2012

Week 9 - Reflections

This week was all about Final Project, at least that's the way I saw it, and we had to go through the checklists our peers made and to make final touches and corrections before handing them over to Janine's hands.

So I have posted my Final Project on the wiki on time and I hope that it will suffice.

Also this week's discussion topic was interesting and it was about learning styles and intelligence types that exist with different people. It was interesting to remind myself of the learning styles I prefer and the days at faculty when we were learning about this in the first place. Regarding this topic and the posts we had to make I found the following link to be most helpful

I also plan to take the quiz found on the link to all the classes where I teach to see the results and then try to apply different tech based tools and solutions to address different styles with students and although it won't be easy the goal is to make them feel comfortable while acquiring new knowledge so that they can all learn with the same ease.

We also had to fill out our course evaluation, which I did, and there are no secrets here. I have been saying this from the start. In my opinion the course is great and all the knowledge that has been transferred here on us is of great value and we will definitely use some, if not all of the tools acquired during this course to better educate our students in our schools.

So our journey is coming to an end, who would say that there is only one week left.

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  1. Hi davorsmolic,

    I really enjoyed your blog. I guess you took much time to write it.

    And our another journey will start. Don't you think so?